Targets line Cloud Island hypoallergic diapers vs. Pampers Pure diapers
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For the past four years, I have been a faithful pampers customer and always purchased their swaddlers, and cruisers diapers for my children. However, they recently made some changes to their diapers and it has had a bad affect on my youngest son. He started to break out with a bad diaper rash that wouldn’t go away. My boys have always had such sensitive skin and anything with scents messes with their skin. It seems the new version of the diapers are loaded with perfume because I noticed the scent on them is stronger. 

So I decided to switch to their more expensive hypo allergic diaper, known as the pampers pure line. Within a couple of days, his diaper rash went away (thank God)! As I started to run low on the pampers pure diapers, I ran to target to get more. That’s when I stumbled across their brand Cloud Island’s new line of hypoallergic diapers. When I compared the ingredients, I noticed these diapers also had 0% chlorine, latex, lotion and frangrance just like the pampers pure line. And better yet, the quantity in each box and the price were significantly lower, some boxes coming in at just $0.21 per diaper. It was then when I knew I had to give these a try! I knew if my son developed even the slightest rash while trying these, then the diapers would be the cause. 

After 5 days straight of trying the cloud island diapers, I can happily say I LOVE them! They are absorbent and soft; they even have the yellow line that changes blue to indicate the baby is wet for those of you who enjoy that feature on the diapers. They are folded tri-folded style to avoid the middle crease that other diapers get. The diapers are true to size, as you can see they are about the same size as pampers (there is only a slight difference, I can’t notice when my baby is wearing the diapers). They come in two prints that are neutral gender. And best of all, they are truly hypoallergic because my baby has not produced even the slightest diaper rash. Here are some photos below:

I would rate these 5/5 for both quality and value. I will add that we have not tried these diapers at night time yet though. I still have a big box of the pampers pure one size up that we use for nighttime, along with a sposie pad because my son is a heavy wetter. To find out more about sposie pads, click here to read my blog post on how to stop overnight diaper leaks for good. Once we finish the box, I will try these diapers overnight and give you guys an update.

Below I listed the quantity included in each box of diapers for the different sizes, currently they have sizes 1-6 for $21.99 each (that’s a range of $0.21-$0.33 per diaper making them cheaper than most leading brands). If you are looking for newborn diapers, they sell them in a jumbo pack of 32 for $7.99 making it only $0.24 per diaper. Also, here is a link to where you can find the diapers on targets website for purchase.

Size 1 – 104 ct, Size 2 – 96 ct, Size 3 – 92 ct, Size 4 – 78 ct, Size 5 – 69 ct, Size 6 – 66 ct

If you have a baby with sensitive skin and are looking for an affordable hypoallergic diaper, I definitely recommend giving these diapers a try! 

I hope you found this post helpful. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or share your experience if you give the cloud island diapers a try.