I’ve decided to remove all photos that reveal my children’s identity from all of my blogs social media platforms and here’s why.

Recently I had a talk with my mother in law in regards to how many photos of my boys were all over my blog’s Instagram page as well as my actual blog posts. She advised me that this world is a dangerous place and while I may not be doing it intentionally, I am putting my children at risk the second I upload a photo of them on my public social media accounts. You see, when you have a social media account that is not private, anyone can see whatever it is that you post and they can save the photos for their keeping. It’s not secure like when you have your personal social media account and you make your profile private for only your family and friends to see. So that results in people stealing other people’s photos and claiming them to be their own. Then you have the pedophiles that take your children’s photos and put them on websites for viewing. And not to mention the disgusting reality of child porn. There are just so many disturbing possibilities that I can sit here and write about.

I came across a video online that really caught my attention. It goes into more detail about the things I just mentioned and also explains how posting certain photos and locations such as the schools or anything showing street signs can lead people to know your exact location/routes taken on a daily basis. Talk about scary! I guess I have been living in a bubble and forgot that all of these things are going on in the world. And get this, mostly everyone’s phones have a setting where an exact location is embedded into your photos so people can track your location just from downloading your photo! I freaked out when I read that and I immediately went to my settings and ensured I turned off the location everywhere possible!

With that said, I decided to remove all photos I had posted that revealed my kids identity and just prayed that none of them were taken and being used for the wrong reasons. Going forward I will only post photos that do not reveal their full face. And although it will be challenging for sure and require lots of creativity, I am ready for the challenge. I have to do this to keep my family safe, it’s not worth putting my kids lives in danger. Our lives and privacy is more important to me than posting what could potentially be a “top-ranked” photo on Instagram. As far as my videos go on YouTube, I have taken down all videos that include my children  and will not be including them in any videos going forward.

I am going to share the link to the video I found that explains the risks in more detail as well as how to turn off the location settings in your phone.


Lastly, I respect that everyone has their own opinion and I am not judging anyone through this article. I am simply sharing what I discovered and the changes that I’ve decided to make going forward. This is a personal decision and I hope that you can respect that.

Now I would like to hear from you. Have you or anyone you know ever been the victim of online kidnapping where someone steals photos of your kids and claims them to be their own? Has any of these risks ever crossed your mind before?

Until next time.

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