Happy First Birthday Baby Boy!

As my youngest son’s first birthday was quickly approaching, I knew I wanted to have photos taken of him and our family. So I reached out to a friend of mine named Patty who is a photographer at Patty Carratala Photography. We scheduled a date for the photo session and as I started to think of where I would want to have the photos taken, the first location that came to mind was the beach. I thought of going with a sailor theme with anchors. A couple of weeks later, I went to hobby lobby to see what décor and props they had since I wanted to have the photos go with the theme of his party.

While I was there, I found the perfect anchor and beach themed décor and thought to myself, well that was easy! But as I kept on looking throughout the store, I stumbled across a sign that said “Little Explorer”. And that was it. Those two words couldn’t have described Xane more perfectly! Immediately I put the beach décor down and picked up the little explorer sign, mountain shelf, some arrowheads, and a gray chevron arrowhead banner. The new theme was going to be “little explorer/adventurer” because that is exactly what Xane is. He does not like to be still in one place for too long lol.

I was so excited that when I left hobby lobby, I messaged Patty and told her I was changing the theme and didn’t want to have the photos taken at the beach anymore. We started to discuss the possibility of taking the images out in an open field or park with lots of trees. But as we continued talking, I told her I wish there were a way to have the photos taken indoors because lately, the heat here in South Florida is so unbearable! It was then when she told me there was a way and it was called a lifestyle family session. I had never heard or done a lifestyle session so she sent me some examples and I was in love. I was so excited that we were going to have our first family lifestyle photo-shoot! It looked so fun and natural, which is the perfect combination if you ask me.

Fast forward to the photo-shoot day; it was finally here! I woke up early so I could bake a mini cake for my son to use in his cake smash photos.  Considering it was my first time making a cake, I would say it came out pretty good. Then I rushed to take a shower, do my hair and makeup, get all of our clothes out and ready and made sure the baby had his nap before Patty arrived (that way the photo session could go as smooth as possible!)

Patty arrived at 10:30am, and we were ready to go! She first took some photos of all of us together as a family, which was so special to me. These photos are the first professional photos we have as a family of four, so you can imagine how happy I was!

Afterwards, she took some pictures of the boys by themselves, with daddy, and then with mommy.

Next, it was time to take some solo shots of the birthday boy!

And finally, at the very end, it was cake smash time! At first, he wasn’t sure what to think of the cake, he didn’t know if he should touch it and then whether or not he should eat it. I had to get a little bit of frosting on my finger and put it in his mouth for him to taste. Then I told him to eat the cake, and he went right in for it!

Once we were all done, it was time to give the baby got a bath and clean up. We all said goodbye to Patty and thanked her for coming by and taking our photos. All we had to do now was wait for the final images. Once I received the link to the gallery of our photo session, I rushed to view it. As I looked through the images, I realized that I was in love with EVERY single photo, literally. I have to say that this is my all-time favorite photo session ever! The photos came out so natural and beautiful, and they truly capture our family and the love that we have for one another. What great memories we will forever have of our little family!

Before I go, I wanted to give my personal review and praise to Patty. This was my first time working with her and she did such a great job! She is someone who truly knows what she is doing, and it shows in her photos.

Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to capture these special moments for our family!

I am very thankful for her services and have been blessed by her tremendously. If you are in the Miami area and are looking for a photographer, be sure to check out Patty Carratala Photography. I promise you won’t regret it!

Until next time.