This past weekend we had our youngest sons first birthday party, and it was a hit! The theme was “Little Explorer,” and we hosted the party at our apartment complex, in a multipurpose room they rent out that is right next to the playground. The kids had so much fun playing outside while the adults were able to sit down inside the room with the AC (talk about the perfect combination)! Words can’t express how happy I am with how everything turned out! Both my husbands and my family attended the party, so it was a big family reunion. And may I add that the baby behaved so well, it was great.

The first photo I want to share with you guys is a photo of the cake I made. I have to admit; I LOVE how the cake turned out! I didn’t expect for it to come out this good because it was my first time making a cake. And, well, I am no cake boss (haha). Some of you wanted me to share the process of how I made the cake, so be sure to check out my post “DIY naked birthday cake” for the details.

I also baked cupcakes, as well as a mini personal sized cake for the baby to enjoy. This year I wanted to do as much DIY as I could because I love anything DIY and pretty much never have the time for it. As for the decor, I wasn’t able to find anything on Pinterest that fit the style of what I was going for. So I decided to go and check out hobby lobby, and as you can imagine, I was able to find everything I wanted from there (I mean, who doesn’t love hobby lobby, am I right?!)

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. If you’re planning a birthday party soon, let me know in the comments below what theme you are going for or if you want to do a DIY party. I would love to hear from you!

Until next time.