There is a saying that goes, “never stop dating your spouse” and I can tell you from experience, how awesome it is to continue dating after your married! If anyone has told you that dating is not for married people, then they are wrong! In fact, you should make an effort to date even more once you’re married. It is essential to make sure that you put time aside to prioritize your marriage and make time for one another. It is so easy to get caught up in all of lives responsibilities and we are often so tired that we forget to put time aside to dedicate to our spouse. But we need to make an effort to not let that get in the way of putting our marriage first.

For my husband and I, it has been rather challenging to go out on date nights ever since we had our second son. It’s mostly because it is hard to find someone you trust to watch two kids for you when you don’t have family around to help out. We also live on one salary which means that we have a very tight budget each month we have to follow, so we can’t always go out of the house for our date nights. But one of the things we have learned to do is still make time for date nights at home.

So when I say to date your spouse, I am not saying that you have to go on extravagant dates and spend lots of money.

You can easily have an enjoyable date night right inside your home! For example, since we usually don’t have a sitter, once a week after we lay our kids down for bed, we have our date night in-house. One of our favorite things to do is order takeout and watch a movie or catch up on our favorite show. Below I am going to list some other in-house date night ideas that you can do with your spouse.

  • Watch a movie and order takeout/have snacks.
  • Watch your favorite show or pick a new show to start watching together.
  • Cook your favorite meal or bake your favorite dessert.
  • Play your favorite board games or have your spouse teach you his favorite game (this shows you have interests in what he likes to do and not just what you like to do).
  • Have a spa night! Who doesn’t love massages right?
  • Ask what are on each other’s minds and take time to catch up and communicate. You can also talk about each other’s upcoming goals or desires that you want to fill.
  • For some of you, maybe you love to work out! If this is you then have a work out session together and challenge each other.
  • Or lastly, simply ask your spouse what he would like to do and tell him you want to focus on his needs for the night.

I hope you have found these ideas helpful and inspiring to make date nights at home an option and a priority in your marriage overall. What are some of your favorite date night activities? I would love to hear from you.

Until next time.

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